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Crunchy Artichoke Chips 25g - Himalayan salt
  • A nutrient-dense savoury snack, made with delicate artichoke hearts picked at their prime and preservedin a form of crispy chips.


    This regal-looking veggie has been used as a foodin the Mediterranean for over 3,000 years thanksto its wonderful, nutty taste and its healingproperties. Adding fresh artichoke into your diethas potential health benefits with its high content of fibre. The list of benefits can go on and on!


    Fantastic to enjoy on the go, dip in guacamole, glamup your sushi, jazz up your pizza or salad for an extra tasty and healthy kick.

    Crunchy Artichoke Chips 25g - Himalayan salt

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    • First harvested by people in the Middle East, Artichokes gained most of its popularity in ancient Rome and Greece around 70 A.D. This regal-looking veggie are low in fat, high in fiber, which can strengthen your gut by promoting friendly gut bacteria. Artichokes offer more protein than many other vegetables at 3.5 grams per serving! Plus, they are particularly high in folate and vitamins C and K, as well as important minerals, such as magnesium (for a better sleep, bonus!), phosphorus, potassium, and iron to support your immune system

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