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Crunchy Okra Chips 40g (x6) - Himalayan salt
  • As one of the most renowend ancient beauty foods on our planet, Other Foods okra snack is a revolution in savoury snacking.


    Our gourmet okra are sustainably sourced, slow bake at low temperatures and combined with just a pinch of Himalayan salt to heighten the organoleptic experience. Official business partner with Cool Earth, we are honoured to support rainforest worldwide.


    Other Foods are the new age go-to snack choice for consumers who demand premium tasty snacks made with specialty ingredients, vegetarians and vegans who looking for delicious healthy snacks with minimum environmental impact.

    Crunchy Okra Chips 40g (x6) - Himalayan salt

    SKU: 5060551420684
    • The well known ‘Asian Youth Secret’, Okra and beauty go hand in hand. It is a fantastic source of vitamin A and beta-carotene, which are both important nourishment for healthy skin (along with sustaining excellent eyesight!). Okra is also believed to combat fatigue and promote mental stamina.

      • High in vitamin K, C, A, folate and magnesium.

      • good source of insoluble fibre for good gut health, protein and

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